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Irritant Number 9


Irritant Number 9



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Irritant No. 9Irritant Number Nine is a compilation showcasing artists with releases on the label Irritant Records.

Much of the compilation falls into the category currently known as 'broken beat', which refers to electronic hardcore that has no vocals (or uses samples containing some type of voice) along with radical beats and extreme transitions.

The two tracks which stood out for me are among the calmer cuts on this comp. Nazis From Mars are a Finnish girl band with a sound like a punkier Helen Love. Their quite rock 'n roll song 'TV Love Song' really pleased me. Check out the 2 singles they have (at least that is all I know about).

I also loved the Jean Bach 'Dancemix 1996' track. It collages some mainstream vocal dance tracks into a new creation, similiar to what Knifehandchop did on his 'Dance Mix 2000' single. Maybe Jean Bach is the same person?

There are several cuts I'd love to give more coverage to, but this CD passed through my hands too quickly for me to fully absorb it. There is a song from Printed Circuit on the comp. Printed Circuit have appeared twice in the gullbuy, but I really can't say what the Printed Circuit song on this comp sounds like.

If you like radical electronic music this comp is probably a good thing to buy. You will find at least one artist on it you will want to hear more of, and you will get some exposure to tracks you will not hear otherwise.

---Carl, January 22, 2002