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The Homosexuals


The Homosexuals' Record


A Black Noise


The HomosexualsA posthumous collection of hits, demos & outtakes compiled by Chris Cutler, released in 1984. Most of the stuff was recorded in 1979.

The Homosexuals sound a bit like a more manic version of the band Fashion, but with jangly guitars like Josef K.

Die Trip, Computer Die is the new project of L.Voag, one of the three members of the band. Die Trip, Computer Die have 2 CDs in the stores, released on Alcohol Records. Even though the new band has some neat ideas and sounds very modern, The Homosexuals are still the band to hear, to my ears.

It is hard to find info about this band. There is the Johan Kugelberg interview of L.Voag which appeared in the zine Ugly Things.

This LP will be hard to find, and I cringe to think what ebay might end up getting for it. If you have the opportunity to hear it be sure to listen to 'Technique Street', 'Vociferous Slam' and 'Soft South Africans' on the first side, and The Slits like reggae of 'Mecho Madness' or the rocking 'Astral Glamour' on the flip.

This record sounds amazingly current in 2002. I wish I COULD see a band this good at the local clubs. I'm glad I can hear it on this record.

---Carl, January 22, 2002