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Jim O'Rourke


I'm Happy and I'm Singing




Jim O'RourkeThree untitled laptop tracks by Jim O'Rourke. The first cut is 11:11 long, the second track is 8:09, and the third is a very quiet 21:21.

Despite the title, there is no singing on this CD. My favorite cut was the second, but that is only if I HAD to choose a track from this CD. I wasn't sure if I disliked Jim O'Rourke going into this CD (I have never listened to any of his stuff), but now I can confidently say that Jim O'Rourke is not my thing.

Fans may LOVE this CD, but I do not. I'd say 'avoid', but that is just me, and as Socrates said (my credo for life) 'I know that I do not know'.

---Carl, January 22, 2002