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The Psychedelic Experience Volume 2


The Psychedelic Experience Volume 2


Mystic Records

various artists LP

The Psychedelic Experience 2When Pip reviewed Volume 4 of this series in the gullbuy he mentioned that Volume 3 was weak. I can't give you an opinion of that, but I can say that Volume 2 rocks!

The first two songs are worth the price of admission alone. Astros 'Space Walk' is a tripped out instrumental which sounds like Carnival Of Souls.

Higher Evolution's 'Odyssey' is a melodic vocal song with harmonies and a Moody Blue or Manfred Mann feel. This song sounds like a hit!

On the flip side are three more tracks I really like. Dirty Filthy Mud play 'Forest of Black' from the aether, with tight melody, great vocals and outer space keys. Troy's 'Amnesia' has a heavy handed drummer stomping out the verse that leads to the reverb laden chorus.

Trane close out the LP with the woeful tale 'One Way Street', detailing a spiral into hard drug addiction. While the stuff of clichés, the delivery is fresh and honest.

Mystic Records really has dug out some choice cuts for this collection. They are a strange record label. Volume 2 is a vinyl only comp with some songs overlapping from Volume 1. Volumes 1 & 3 are CDs only. Volume 4 comes in both CD and vinyl, with each version having several unique tracks. All the releases in this series share the same back cover collage of printed blotter acids.

I think that Volumes 2 & 4 are among the strongest psyche comps I know, and I'm curious to check out 1 & 3 for the gullbuy.

---Carl, January 22, 2002