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Sauron SpeaksMorgan Phillips, who put together Star Wars Breakbeats, has turned his attention (in a timely fashion) to The Lord Of The Rings.

He used the cartoon version of the saga which came out a few years ago as the source material for the dialogs and called them with music pieces.

Where Star Wars Breakbeats had no music segments I could recognize, Sauron Speaks uses Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull ('Aqualung'), Black Sabbath, Rush, Motley Crue (I believe), Pink Floyd, and others.

While this sounds like the stuff of a suburban planetarium's weekend laser show, the results are OK. My favorite tracks are those that do not use the Rn'R though.

I REALLY love 'The History Of The Ring' (#2). I enjoyed several of the other tracks, particularly 'The Uruk-Hai' (#7). My favorite of the 'Laserium' tracks is Gollum's 'My Precious' (#11) with Black Sabbath as the musical bed.

While not as special to me as Star Wars Breakbeats, I'm glad to have given this a try and will buy any other releases this person does.

---Carl, January 22, 2002