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December 11, 2001

  • Pandoras

    The Pandoras

    CD / It's About Time / Voxx Records

    The Pandoras were an all-girl garage revival band from LA in the early '80s. I give this album my most hearty and thoroughly biased recommendation.
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  • Screen Prints

    Screen Prints

    CD / Perfect City (twenty songs 1998 - 2000) / Earworm Records

    Beautiful melodic pop from Manchester. Some tracks are quite mellow, while others are more on the upbeat, poppy side -- and almost half are instrumentals.
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  • Staubgold


    CD / various / Staubgold Records

    Beautifully drawn textures, well thought-out compositions, scattered minimalist rythyms and some noble attempts at originality here.
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  • Music For Photographs

    There Is No Eye: Music for Photographs

    CD / various - recordings of musicians photographed by John Cohen / Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

    Compiled and produced by photographer John Cohen, this cd spotlights artists that Cohen photographed throughout the years.
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  • To Rococo rot

    To Rococo Rot

    CD / Kölner Brett / Staubgold Records

    12 untitled songs inspired by the architectural grid of Kölner Brett, a building in Cologne.
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  • Totally Damaged

    Totally Damaged

    CD / various / Damaged Goods

    Damaged Goods is a great label, releasing swell punk, pop and garage records This 30-track sampler is dirt cheap, with lots of stand-out tracks.
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  • 'Blow Up Presents'

    Blow Up presents Exclusive Blend Volume 4

    CD / various / Blow Up Records

    Dancefloor friendly recordings from the French Chappell DMM series of library music LPs recorded in Paris from 1966 to the early 70's.
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  • Social classics 2

    Social Classics Volume 2: Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown

    CD / various / selected by DJ Don Letts / Heavenly Recordings

    Who could resist this? A compilation of reggae cuts which were played in the London Roxy Club as punk was exploding from December '76 - April '77.
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  • Kiki


    12" / Hott! / Bpitch Control

    "Hott!" has vocals that remind me of Frank Zappa if he was singing for The Normal.
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  • Nigeria 70

    Nigeria 70

    3xCD / various / AfroStrut

    There are no tracks you will want to skip over. The whole thing is one great listen. No band has more than one cut. Most of the tracks are incredibly upbeat, with focused jamming on lots of cuts.
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