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Blow Up 4


BLOW UP presents Exclusive Blend Volume 4


Blow Up

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Blow Up 4If you have been a longtime gullbuy reader you know that I have reviewed all four of the Blow Up Exclusive Blend compilations.

I enjoy Blow Up's compilations and 7" singles. The latest volume in this series is much better that I had expected it to be. Volume 3 did not stick with me as much as I had hoped. This new compilation really kicks, and has many songs that are completely primo: not just 'lets dig a little deeper in the barrel for another volume' type stuff.

The last song also appears on the recent 'Barry 7' Connectors' comp. It was one of my favorites on that record and it fits fine here. The track is Paul Piot & Paul Guiot's Amour, Vacances et Baroque. In fact there are five Paul Piot & Paul Guiot tracks on this CD.

What the Blow Up folks have done for this CD is gather dancefloor friendly recordings from the French Chappell DMM series of library music LPs recorded in Paris from 1966 to the early 70's. This means that there are only a few artists on the comp (six, in fact).

There are five Jack Arel & Jean-Claude Petit tracks, six Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour tracks, and lone contributions by Cliff Johns, Jack Arel, and Camille Sauvage.

Characteristics of my fave tracks are a very happening Fender bass and a go-go beat. If you have the earlier Blow Up comps and still like them you would do well to buy this one too.

---Carl, December 11, 2001