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Totally Damaged


Totally Damaged


Damaged Goods

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Totally DamagedDamaged Goods is a great label, releasing swell punk, pop and garage records by bands we all know and love here at the Z. This 30-track sampler was dirt cheap, so that's why it doesn't matter that most of the best tracks here are already in the library. Some stand-out tracks we *don't* already have: The Cogs "Down on Myself" (female-fronted melodic punkish rock), Mikabomb "Super Sexy Razor Happy Girls" (Japanese, they sound like Shampoo, but with more guitars and no keyboards), Ludella Black "He's Out There" (another former Headcoatee heard from -- why don't we have her album?), J Church's (pretty sure that's Manda Rin from bis on back-ups) "The Heroic Trio" (if you haven't seen that *incredible* movie, starring Maggie Cheung, Michelle Yeoh, and Anita Mui, I insist you do so. I'd loan you my copy, but someone has it right now...), Terry Edwards "Tailgating" (great surf-influenced instro), The Revillos "Sputnik Kiss," and Cuckooland "Radio Friendly" (glossy poppy punky pop). Billy Childish fans will enjoy his goofy collaboration with Sexton Ming, "God Bless Old Mitchel," an ode to the inventor of the Spitfire fighter plane, used in WWII.

Peter Ledebur, December 11, 2001