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To Rococo Rot


Kölner Brett


Staubgold Records


To Rococo RotA sort of music for a better living space, the latest To Rococo Rot release Kölner Brett is 12 untitled songs, 3 minutes each, 36 minutes in all, released on the Staubgold label.

Inspired by the "architectural grid (twelve equally sized modules giving structure and shape to the building as a whole)" of Kölner Brett, a building designed by Cologne architects b&k+, To Rococo Rot's music was first performed at Archilab, an architectural exhibition held in May 2001.

While the 3 minute tracks reflect the grid, the music reflects the customization of the interior spaces, modified by the variety of occupants as they enjoy diverse interests and needs. Combining the practical with the artful, To Rococo Rot use music to show how we live and fill up our living space.

The rhythmic pulsing pace of everyday life is represented in the drum machine precision found in tracks 1,3,5,8,9, and 10. The quietude of inner thought or outward digression can be found in the bass and acoustic guitar in tracks 2,4,7, and 11. The stasis of life seen from the window can be heard in tracks 6 and 12.

These 12 tracks, as recorded by the trio of Ronald Lippok, Robert Lippok and bassist Stefan Schneider (take a look at the sleeve for photos inside the building by Schneider), brings architecture and music together in a conceptually well- crafted, music-suite.

Faves: 2,5,6,12

Patrick Rands, December 11, 2001