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October 9, 2001

  • Blaou reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more


    various artists
    label:: Gema

    A compilation put together by Dixon and Mitja Prinz, the team who did the 'komfort.labor presents Audio.Video.Disco' compilation for WMF Records.

    This comp was easy to listen to over and over again. The songs take their time to develop, and do not present any cliché or generic turns.

  • Who Is Dr. Who? reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Who Is Dr. Who?

    various artists
    label:: RPM

    Landing Of The Daleks by The Earthlings sounds like a cross between the Thunderbirds theme, a Morricone track, and the theme from Batman.

    There are 2 songs from 1965 by 11 year old Roberta Tovey that would give prime Patty Duke a run for her money. These are among the tracks I love on this interesting compilation of Dr. Who related songs.

  • Dub Taylor reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Dub Taylor

    title:: Detect

    Alex Kruger named his electronic recordings after the TV/Movie star Dub Taylor. The sounds he records under that name are kind of house styled in the way that seems to be coming into fashion in the footsteps of acts like Luomo, Geeez 'n' Gosh, or Soul Center.

    I like this sound, and Alex Kruger is not just following a trend by that tale, he has a rare mastery and warmth.

  • Felix Da Housecat reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Felix Da Housecat

    title:: Kittenz And Thee Glitz
    label:: City Rockers

    In May, I heard Felix Da Housecat's "Silver Screen Shower Scene" for the first time on an Internet radio show, and I knew immediately that it was going to groundbreaking.

    From techno and house to electro and disco, Felix is definitely crossing numerous musical boundaries on this record, and he sure does it well.

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    title:: Please Smile My Noise Bleed
    label:: Morr Music

    Mum give us 2 new tracks (technically 3, but the third track is only a minute and a half long), and Morr Music gives those tracks to a handful of their artists for remix treatment.

    The 2 new songs by Mum are the highlights of this set.

  • Billy Nichols reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Billy Nichols

    title:: Would You Believe
    label:: Immediate

    A 60s supergroup effort never truly officially released when it was recorded in 1968, this cd makes an interesting addition to the Immediate Records family of music and is a lost classic of British pop music.

    For fans of Small Faces, Beach Boys or the Kinks I think there is plenty to enjoy offered up by the 18 year old Billy Nichols, who wrote all his own material on this cd.

  • Oneness Of Juju reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Oneness Of Juju

    title:: African Rhythms 1970 - 1982
    label:: Strut Records

    Oneness Of Juju was a US band fronted by Plunky Branch, a Virginia native who went to Columbia U. to study Chemistry, then moved to SF when he deserted the army in 1967 and became a fugitive. In SF he learned about African music, and the jazz he had been playing moved towards putting a backbeat on Afro-Cuban rhythms.

    When I listen to any of the tracks I can tell that it must have been something to have been a fan when this was happening.

  • Sofa Surfers reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Sofa Surfers

    title:: Cargo
    label:: Klein

    This review is not ready yet. The full review will be online by the end of Wednesday. Please check back!

    Sofa Surfers take the dub style of Thievery Corporation and removes the suits, the cool of Kruder and Dorfmeister into a world without DJs, and the earthiness of The Ex from amazing twin guitar attack to bass, violin and rhythm in the Austrian underground.

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    title:: Emmanuelle Beart EP
    label:: Matinee

    This 4 track CD single comes almost 10 years after the last Would-Be-Goods recordings. I was scared that it would not live up to my expectations, as the recent Free Design 'Cosmic Peekaboo' CD failed to do.

    To my delight, 3 of the songs please me. Welcome back, Would-Be-Goods!