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Sofa Surfers






Sofa Surfers reviewed in the gullbuy'Cargo' is the second Sofa Surfers LP. It came out in May 1999. I have added both of the bands other discs in past gullbuys (see Jan 30 and Sept. 5, 2000 gullbuys).

The best has been saved for last. 'Cargo' is the CD that made me love this Vienna Austria band, and is the disc that has their best songs as well. Yoyogi Uehara starts off the disc. It is my favorite Sofa Surfers track ever. I had said in a past review that the Sofa Surfers reminded me of The Ex. Yoyogi Uehara (1) is an instrumental that carries that comparison and adds the sharpness of fellow Austrian Cheap Records electronics sounds as well.

Beans & Rice (2) continues with the sound of whirring motors over a strong live drummer, till the song shifts gear into a 'Surfer chilled toast vocal dub.

I Asked For Water (4) has a nice bass sound in an experimental way. I'm telling you, this record eclipses so many records that are popular with fans of unknown bands. It takes the dub style of Thievery Corporation and removes the suits, the cool of Kruder and Dorfmeister into a world without DJs, and the earthiness of The Ex from amazing twin guitar attack to bass, violin and rhythm in the Austrian underground.

'Cargo' can hold us till the release of their next LP 'Encounters'.

---Carl, October 9, 2001