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Dub Taylor




Forcetracks (Germany)


Dub Taylor reviewed in the gullbuyAlex Kruger named his electronic recordings after the TV/Movie star Dub Taylor. The sounds he records under that name are kind of house styled in the way that seems to be coming into fashion in the footsteps of acts like Luomo, Geeez 'n' Gosh, or Soul Center.

I like this sound, and Alex Kruger is not just following a trend by that tale, he has a rare mastery and warmth. I bought this disc because I had noticed it was the newest Forcetracks release when I was writing about Lowfour last week, but I have to say that the disc is much better than I thought it would be.

Electronic music like this seems to hold less of a shelf life than rock and roll used to. The sounds on this CD sound so fresh that I think Dub Taylor will get some mileage out of this CD for months to come, no preservatives necessary.

---Carl, October 9, 2001