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Who Is Dr. Who?


Who Is Dr. Who?



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Dr. Who reviewed in the gullbuyWhenever RPM puts their mitts into an artists career, a thorough compilation comes out.

The 6 songs I love on this 18 track Dr. Who compilation are not among the versions of the trademark Dr. Who theme which appear on this disc.

Is it getting close to holiday season again? I doubt you could do better than to play the 1964 song I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas With a Dalek (3) by The Go Gos (not the 80's LA band). The 17 year old vocalist Sue Smith sounds like a French accented ye ye girl, and a Dalek talks in a robot voice.

Landing Of The Daleks (4) by The Earthlings sounds like a cross between the Thunderbirds theme, a Morricone track, and the theme from Batman.

There are 2 songs from 1965 by 11 year old Roberta Tovey with Orchestra. Both Who's Who (7) and Not So Old (8) give prime Patty Duke a run for her money.

All four of the songs I've just described are 10 out of 10. I also like the 1968 psyche song Who's Dr. Who (12) by Frazer Hines, and the alternate version of Landing Of The Daleks (17) by The Earthlings.

Killer stuff...

---Carl, October 9, 2001