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Gema (France)

various artists CD

blaou reviewed in the gullbuyA compilation put together by Dixon and Mitja Prinz, the team who did the 'komfort.labor presents Audio.Video.Disco' compilation for WMF Records (see June 26 gullbuy).

Blaou has the same feel as their other comp. I only knew one artist on this 10 song comp. Erobique did a team up with Yukari Fresh on the song Raymond. Here he does a cover of the I-F song Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (#10). Dixon and Mitja Prinz's mix of his version is one of the highlights of this disc.

There are 3 tracks by Matthias Schaffhauser. The first of them, 6 Uhr Morgens (#1) is another of my faves. It is mysterious, sexy, and has cool sounds.

Both songs by Arc-En-Ciel (# 6 & 7) round out the list of my four favorite tracks on the disc. They have the tech-house beat with odd styles and sounds.

This comp was easy to listen to over and over again. The songs take their time to develop, and do not present any cliché or generic turns.

---Carl, October 9, 2001