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Please Smile My Noise Bleed


Morr Music


Mum reviewed in the gullbuyI remember when Sigur Ros seemed poised to take on the world last year. To a certain extent they have, based on their reception when they played at Boston's Berkeley School of Music last month. Their early Icelandic CDs were spoken of in awe by those who had heard them, and their FatCat debut 12" would sell from stores as soon as it was received.

Mum now seem to have the power to go even further than Sigur Ros have. They have even been signed to the same label, Fat Cat. Following a great full length CD and the 12" from it (both on Icelandic label TMT), Mum now give us 2 new tracks (technically 3, but the third track is only a minute and a half long), and Morr Music gives those tracks to a handful of their artists for remix treatment.

The 2 new songs by Mum are the highlights of this set. On the Old Mountain Radio (1) has a programmed drum part that goes over the top of what sounds like a hand cranked metal music box melody. It is so much better than I could make it sound! The percussion sound reminds me of plastic tubs played in the street for spare change. It has zero ring to it - just pure rhythm. At the end of the cut is a sound like a recording of a little girl where the microphone of the recorder has a bad connection and is continually cutting out.

The second song, Please Sing My Spring Reverb (2) also has an Isan sounding bottom track of bell like keyboards with malfunctioning (sounding like a ripped speaker cone) recording and a female hummed voice floating in and out. With these two five minute plus tracks as source material Morr's finest weave tapestries. Styrofoam, Isan, Phonem, Christian Kleine, AMX, and B. Fleichmann each do a mix of one of the songs. Christian Kleine chose the short minute and a half Flow Not So Fast Old Mountain Radio for his mix.

My favorite mixes are Phonem's (#6), AMX (#8), and B. Fleischmann (#9).

---Carl, October 9, 2001