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The Buff Medways


Medway Wheelers


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Buff Medways 7inch coverThe Buff Medways is Billy Childish's newest band. Accompanying him are Graham Day on bass, vocals and piano, and Wolf Howard on drums and percussion.

The current sound the trio have been playing is mod rock with high energy and lots of melody.

Medway Wheelers was the standout track from the album of the same name, and now it appears as the A-side of a 7inch. The song is about Billy's mum and the bicycle club (Medway Wheelers) she belonged to when she was young. If you don't own the album (of the same name) this track was taken from, you will be wowed by this song.

The B-side is a well recorded cover of The Who song A Quick One. This song is worth buying the single for if you DO own the Medway Wheelers album. The Buff Medways version of A Quick One is faithful to the original, but adds lots of energy, and comes off sounding like it could have been a Buff Medways original. Billy has said that he never listened to The Who until recently, and that his chief muse remains Link Wray. It was inevitable that he discovered early Who, because the current sound of his band shares many elements of the early Who sound - the high pitched backing vocals, the melodies, and the crashing chords.

A nice single with a cover version that was probably recorded in a few takes, but will remain a lasting part of the Billy Childish legacy.

---Carl, July 12, 2005