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Wild Billy Childish and the Friends of the Buff Medway Fanciers Association


'Just 15' b-w 'The Doo Rek'


Transcopic Records


Buff Medways 7inch coverBuff Medways are the band Billy Childish formed after ending Thee Headcoats. He is an incredibly gifted artist that draws, writes, and creates music. His music has been coming out steadily since 1979, when The Pop Rivets first recorded.

The Pop Rivets were only the first of a long line of bands Billy fronted. Thee Milkshakes and Thee Mighty Caesars followed, as well as several female vocal bands Billy mentored and played in, such as The Delmonas and thee Headcoatees.

The Buff Medways have not changed any of the ingredients that constitute a great Billy Childish track - the guitar still sounds like it descended from The Kink's All Day and All of the Night and the beat honors fallen heroes like Keith Moon.

Just 15 is the first single from the new album '1914.' It has good production (you have to mention that - some of Billy's stuff sounds like it was recorded in your basement) and a good tune.

The Doo Rek is the non-LP B-side that you will need to buy this 7inch for. It is my favorite song on the single, and will prove to be crucial to any Billy Childish fan.

I am glad to see a new Buff Medways release. It has been uncharacteristically long since we have seen a new release from him. i can't wait to hear the new LP, which I will gladly welcome into my collection. Buff Medways have proven themselves as worthy successors to his most well known band, Thee Headcoats.

---Carl, November 18, 2003