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Angel Corpus Christi


Divine Healer


Gulcher Records


Angel Corpus Christi CD coverAndrea Ross is a woman from San Francisco who sings and plays accordion and harmonica. With her husband Rich Stim (vocalist of MX-80) and guests, she has been recording as Angel Corpus Christi since 1984. And you know what - all of her recordings (that I have heard at least) are so freaking great that she should be famous. That is why I am so glad that Gulcher put out this CD, and has plans to release more Angel Corpus Christi in the near future.

Gulcher will reissue the Angel Corpus Christi 'Accordion Pop' cassette, for the first time as a CD. Gulcher is also putting out a Christmas compilation called 'Xmas Snertz' with a song from Rich's band MX-80, an Angel Corpus Christi track, and even a solo Jingle Bells from Rich. .

'Divine Healer' is a brand new studio LP - her first since the 'White Courtesy Phone' came out on Herb Alpert's Almo records in 1995. Someone please re-release that one on CD!

You may have heard Angel Corpus Christi and not even realized it. She ended up in many peoples CD collections through her guest appearance on the Spiritualized track Broken Heart from the 'Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space' record.

Angel Corpus Christi sings with a country twang, though her tales remind me of city life. She has the gift of making people who hear her songs believe they know her. I would love to see the band play. I'll bet they are great live, and nice to talk to in person as well.

  1. Home Sweet Home A cover of the Motley Crue song! Angel Corpus Christi has made this song sound like a Paisley underground classic that would have fit in well with Green On Red or the Rain Parade. Great work!
  2. You An Angel Corpus Christi original she wrote with Rich Stim. Dean Wareham plays on this track. You originally came out on a 7inch in an edition of only 200 on the UK label Emma's House, backed with the track I Want Everything. I want to know the lyrics to this song. They intrigue me,
  3. Rock & Roll Shoes An original with a steady bass beat that makes the song sound like an accordion Ramones.
  4. Candy An original with Angel's twangy voice telling a love story. The accordion makes me think of Los Lobos on this track.
  5. I Want Everything A Luna cover, and the B-side of the single she did with Dean Wareham. This song has been going through my head for weeks. Her version of this song is my favorite Angel Corpus Christi track.
  6. Pull Girl This original was the first song I heard from her, on a 7inch that came free in a fanzine. It captured me instantly, and still moves me as I hear it on this CD. The way she has made the accordion a proper rock instrument in incredible!
  7. Sadder An original with really neat lyrics and dry Fender guitar that reminds me (just a tiny bit) of Dire Straights. Angel's vocals are jazzy and playful.
  8. I'll Say Goodbye A Ross/Stim original co-written with Don Ciccone, who plays bass on the track.
  9. Brown Wheat A cover of the 1999 song by El Destroyo, from the 'The Latest Drag' LP.
  10. She Said A Ross/Stim original co-written with Don Ciccone, who plays guitar on the track. The na na na na vocal is the albums most pop moment. the guitar sounds as acid drenched as David Roback did on the Opel song Fell From The Sun.
  11. Sleepwalker An original with reverb on the voice. Having already heard her version of Suicide's Cheree, this song makes me think of that band, but the single note held on a guitar brings the song closer to psychedelia than the doom of Alan Vega and Martin Rev.
  12. Eve of Destruction Her cover of the classic P.F. Sloan / Steve Barri Barry McGuire song goes way further than just remaking the track. There are helicopters in the track, and I keep thinking of The Doors The End in Apocalypse Now .
  13. Clown Sex A cover of a track from the 1980 MX-80 record 'Das Love Boat' record, written by Bruce Anderson. The song is an instrumental that reminds me a bit of the theme from The Munsters. It has a good beat and a surf feel, with the usual reverb guitar being substituted with an accordion.
  14. Hurdy Gurdy Man The Donovan song. I like her version, though not as much as the way she interpreted Eve of Destruction. Hurdy Gurdy Man is pretty much a straight cover of the song.

---Carl, November 18, 2003