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Musick to play in the club #5


Musick to play in the club #5


Shitkatapult Records

various artists 12inch

Musick to play in the club #5 coverMusick To Play In The Club #5 is the fifth in a series of 12 inch single compilations released in the past year or so on Marco Haas' (aka T. Raumschmiere) Shitkatapult label. Past volumes of this series included music by T. Raumschmiere (himself), Peter Grummich, gwEm, Drugbeat, Holz, President Ido W & Cutie Kantie, Miss Orange, Uese, Jerry Abstract, Elastic Heads, and DJ Flush.

Four artists are included on #5, including Autolump, Das Bierbeben, Scapegoat, and Magnum 38. It's a pretty good compilation but not entirely earthshaking or even as club friendly as the title suggests.

God's Speed by Autolump (aka Fil Le Gonidec) starts out the 12 inch with a God related bit of fun about the Lord giving us drugs to keep us happy. It pumps along for a good 7 minutes and for those of us who enjoy the ironic, religiously tinged electronic music, this is a nice addition to the genre. The track ends up beating to a pulp the phrase "Be Happy." Autolump has a number of releases on the web-only label, which was started by LX Paterson from The Orb.

Robag Whume's Wodkabeben Schnakker Remix by Das Bierbeben finishes the first side with a bitty bit of Robag Whume glitchiness, but this track doesn't really end up adding anything to this side. It doesn't stick around long enough to allow us time to figure out the Das Bierbeben sound at 3 minutes. Das Bierbeben have a handful of releases on the Shitkatapult label, as well as the song Sturm Brich Los on the Electric Pop 2 compilation (but it's buried as the 2nd to last track on the 2nd disc so I'm hardpressed to remember what it sounds like).

Scapegoat's Anticipate starts out the second side to this EP compilation with a broken dub reggae styled glitch piece (in fact most of the tracks so far have had glitched out vocals of some kind). It's not really my style, but is a pretty good track from what I can tell. There's some sampled speaking which lead into a cool bass synth workout, a section I like better than the glitchy bit. There's enough variation to keep this track interesting.

This EP compilation ends with the darkest and hardest track called Alligator by Magnum 38 (aka Oliver Greschke). Magnum 38 released the Revolver Tracks 12 inch on Shitkatapult, as well as the tracks Fernsehturm on the Kozmick Suckers Volume Silver, and Quasimodus from Cozmick Suckers Volume Black and White. Alligator is a rough hewn track that has a sneaky melody that appears a good 2 and a half minutes in after the beat and some glitching have been bouncing around for awhile. Some of the glitchy computer noises could annoy, but this track seems to have the most staying power of all the tracks here.

---Patrick, July 12, 2005