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The Cozmick Suckers Volume Black and White


The Cozmick Suckers Volume Black and White



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Cozmick Suckers

Another excellent compilation from Marco Haas' (aka T. Raumschmiere) Shitkatapult label - and to my ears even better than the Volume Silver edition. I think whereas some of Volume Silver tended towards by the numbers electro, Volume Black And White works to a more fruitful end.

Track 1 Art 2 Dance starts us out with an electro romp and a marching beat with robotic vocals given the treatment by Rechenzentrum vs Column One - this is by no means a dirge with no meaning as there is some percussiveness and a keyboard solo which makes this one work.

Track 2 Harz by Kyborg slows the pace, but what it loses in speed it gains in ambience - scheming and hanging for a purpose on the edge of looseness. It may not do something for the busier minds but I enjoyed its stasis.

Track 3 Prummer by Munit is glitchy without being headachey somehow forming a grey area of warmth usually not exposed in such a project - warm but glitchy with some echoed industrial rhythms creating a dub industrial hole.

Track 4 Rambusten by Apparat was not a favorite of mine sounding somewhat simplistic and dated with the pinging percussion and ambient tune, though when the bottom rhythm falls out there are some nice harmonics - if this had been the entire track like this I would've been more of a fan.

Track 5 Untitled Dance Track by Hughes/Cooper (Hughes runs the Hefty label) is as it's name implies a dance track with a minimal feel and an ebb and flow of tension which really makes it work.

Track 6 Yellow Dub by Fenin and Track 7 Desperate Thirst by Zoy Winterstein didn't do much for me the former being a steady dub, the latter being a glitchy dub, but neither really reaching the realm of possibilities.

Track 8 Anti by T.Raumschmiere brings things back on course with a warped pulsing rhythmic track which piles rhythm upon rhythm with expertise.

Track 9 Suber by Sami Koivikko is one of my favorite tracks here, containing a hyperdriving yet minimally austere dance rhythm and a sweeping melody.

Track 10 Quasimodus by Magnum 38 keeps the quality running high with a sampled bells ringing track which sets up a minimal glitch rhythm that isn't startling but still worthy.

Track 11 Selma by Napoli Is Not Nepal is melodic and ticking but an older sound not completely broken from the past so that rhythm saves it from being yesterday's news.

Track 12 Revisit Red by Slicker starts out like a Barbara Morgenstern instrumental but not as organically suspended - slow and developing into a glitchy minmal dub funk piece over an 8.5 minute span.

Track 13 Redb. 4 Index.2 by Steinbrüchel finishes out this compilation with a fuzzy ender which fits fine at the end but isn't one of the best on offer, but certainly doesn't hurt.

All in all Cozmick Suckers Volume Black And White is another great compilation from the Shitkatapult label.

Patrick R, October 1, 2002