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January 8, 2002

  • De Phazz

    De Phazz

    CD / Death By Chocolate / Mole Listening Pearls

    I had high expectations for this disc, and I am quite happy with what was delivered.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Fantastic Plastic Machine

    Fantastic Plastic Machine

    CD / Contact / (Japan)

    Alternate version of 'Beautiful' with every song done differently. It is billed as a remix disc, but it goes far beyond what that label presumes.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Noon


    CD / Bleak Output / Teeto Records (Poland)

    I found this CD to be entirely different than I expected it to be, and was delighted to find that it took me to a place I had not thought of going.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • The Disk Orchestra

    The Disk Orchestra

    CD / [K] / Rather Interesting

    Like an electronic version of a Carl Stalling cartoon soundtrack, The Disk Orchestra skitters about during 99 tracks of very short pieces that really need to be played in series as opposed to as single tracks.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Ming


    CD / Interieur/Exterieur / Doxa Records

    Interieur/Exterieur is more artsy than energy, and will be a joy to those who love artists such as Barbara Morgenstern.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Popshopping 2

    Popshopping 2

    CD / various / Crippled Dick

    The first Popshopping compilation was such a kick that it is hardly surprising that someone decided to revisit the idea with a second volume. What IS surprising is that the quality level remains so high
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Star Wars Breakbeat

    Star Wars Breakbeats

    CD / Suckadelic Records

    A 25 song extravaganza put together with beats over samples from the original Star Wars movie.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Venetian Snares

    Venetian Snares

    CD / Doll Doll Doll / Hymen Records

    Venetian Snares plays broken beats - the new electronic hardcore composed of sharp edits and brutal passages.
    [read more] ---Carl