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Venetian Snares


Doll Doll Doll


Hymen Records


Venetian SnaresIf the music Aaron Funk makes as Venetian Snares isn't enough to make you afraid of him, check out his Web site (note - it has changed since this review).

The site has no features at all. You must 'view source' to find out what the site contains. After a few JavaScript functions it has an amazing expanse of 7's with a few periods forming a pattern, and the words 'MAKE RONNIE ROCKET' appearing in several places.

Venetian Snares plays broken beats - the new electronic hardcore composed of sharp edits and brutal passages. 'Doll Doll Doll' has 8 songs that are very intriguing. Aaron Funk does not use white noise the way DJ Scud does. He keeps his sounds pretty clean. How he attains his brutality is by the surgical precision of the edits.

'I Rent The Ocean' has calming passages undercut by razor sharp laptop beats. While this music is definitely not for everyone, it is exceedingly well done, and could cause road rage if used in a car stereo and combined with loud volume.

Faves: 1,3,4

---Carl, January 8, 2002