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MingThe second record by Ming since they changed their name from Les Brochettes in 1999.

I first heard Ming on the 'F**ky Don't' compilation on Flittchen Records. Ming's song 'Apres La Guerre' (from the first Ming CD 'Miso Mix') blew me away. It was like a mix of Hi-Posi (high energy electronic J-pop duo) and Stereo Total.

Last year I reviewed the Interior Escalator EP for the gullbuy. I thought it was OK but not up to the expectations 'Apres La Guerre' had built. Now the new LP is finally here and I can place my judgment after living with 10 new Ming songs.

'La Ballade Of Johnny Guitar' from the Interior Escalator EP makes another appearance on this LP as well. Ming remind me a lot of another German duo, Quarks. Most songs on this LP have a similar sound to Quarks (female vocal, electronic sound that is not imposing or filled with beats).

Ming have a fair amount of male vocals in addition to the Quark-like female vocals. My favorite song on Interieur/Exterieur is 'Subculture'. It is sung in English with a vocal melody that is quite melodic. Frédérique's vocal sounds a bit like Francoise Cactus and Nicolas' harmony is strong and clear.

'Cholesterol' is a percolating instrumental that follows 'Subculture'. It is probably my second fave cut on the LP. 'Une Certiane Beaute Urbain' starts off the B-side. It is a female vocal track with sprightly sounds and tempo. Directly following it is another instrumental I like called 'Transpose'.

Interieur/Exterieur is more artsy than energy, but it will be a joy to those who love artists such as Barbara Morgenstern.

Faves: A3,A4,B1,B2

---Carl, January 8, 2002