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Interior Escalator


Doxa Records


MingI have really wanted to hear more from Ming after finding Apres La Guerre (After The War) to be the best cut from the plenty good 'F*cky Don't CD' compilation on Flittchen Records.

Ming are a vocal electronic band from Brussels. Apres La Guerre was from their full length Miso Mix.

'Interior Escalator' is their new EP, a precursor to the upcoming full length Interieur/Exterieur coming out in October. There are 4 songs on the EP. They sound similar to the Berlin band Quarks. Both have female vocals and 'pop' structured electronic sounds. Both have an instrumental or two mixed in the bunch. The difference is that Ming sing in French while Quarks sing in German.

La Ballade De Johnny Guitar is my favorite track on the EP. The second and third songs are similar in style but didn't catch my fancy as much. The last cut Tapis Rouge is an instrumental which I enjoyed.

I like this EP and can't wait to hear more from them, but still enjoy their cut on the 'F*cky Don't CD' comp best.

Fave: 1

---Carl, September 18, 2001