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Sascha Funke


Forms & Shapes remixe


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Sascha Funke 12inch coverForms and Shapes is a track from Berlin electronic music artist Sascha Funke's Bravo full length. This 12inch has the album version plus remixes by Lawrence, Paul Kalkbrenner and Ellen Allien.

The EP starts off with the Lawrence remix. His mix is somewhat dreamy.

Next is the Paul Kalkbrenner remix. The song is completely changed on this mix. the beat is sped up, and the accent is on a part that was barely noticeable on the original version.

The original version is really fine. Vocals were written and sung by Fritz Kalkbrenner - Paul Kalkbrenner's brother. They have a Bryan Ferry feel. Everything feels right on the original, and it is probably still by favorite version.

The Ellen Allien remix toughens up the sensitive feel of the original with acid house synths. I always admire her work, but here I've got to say it is my least fave of the three remixes.

My favorite mix is the Paul Kalkbrenner mix, for transforming the track while keeping the feel completely natural and correct.

---Carl, January 11, 2005