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Kollektiv 3


Kollektiv 3


Bpitch Control

various artists 33 rpm 12inch

Kollektiv 3Kollektiv 3 has four tracks by four different artists.

The 12inch starts off with Feadz, a Parisian whose 'Wreckstin' sounds like Smash TV, (which is a good thing).

Modeselektor are a duo from Berlin. Their instrumental track 'Wir Schleifen Gleise Leise' struts along with fractured hip hop beats. As it progresses it gets moodier, though the shuffling tech beat remains. I like the Feadz track better than this cut.

The B side starts off with another French artist, EEDIO. His track 'Fresh Live' is very upbeat and bright. One of the keyboard sounds reminds me of the Joy Division songs 'Isolation' and 'Decades' from Closer. EEDIO then throw in a voice sample of a woman saying 'That's what it was like, I know. But how do you know that what you think is all there is?'

Sascha Funke closes out the EP with 'Pusekuchen.' He has been laying great tracks on us with his Bpitch 12inchs, and the three 12inches he put out on Kompakt. Pusekuchen keeps the quality high. It is an instrumental with a dancefloor beat. He is a young artist from Berlin whose music reminds me of a shaved and cleaned up T. Raumschmiere. Both artists use repetition in most effective ways, only Sascha Funke is less punk and more club. Pusekuchen is a really fine track.

Kollektiv 3 is a pretty good EP offering variety and exclusive tracks from the artists.

---Carl, October 8, 2002