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Carsten Jost




Sender Records


Carsten JostCarsten Jost's 12 inch single Pinksilver has two incredible, deep and pulsing minimal tech-house numbers with hints of dub on Sender Records out of Berlin.

Jost is from Hamburg and also has other releases like A Certain Kind on the Klang Electronik label and a full length called You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows on the Ladomat subsidiary Dial - and also appears on Immer, a various artist mix by Michael Mayer on the Kompakt label.

Side A (Pink) is a 7 and a half minute wonder - as it clicks and pulses with a mesmerizing melody which would hook anyone into late night wanderings.

Side B (Silver) is even better, using an extended to the depths bassline and a non-stop minimal rhythm to send this 12 inch single into the nether reaches of the nighttime DJ spins. Silver spans the 8 minutes it exists as it creeps up on you, setting down layers of bass and rhythm with hints of creeping melody added to the mix like a stealth bomber. Building steadily, and blindingly, rocking to a late night plateau.

Patrick R, October 8, 2002