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Sascha Funke


When Will I Be Famous b-w Be Tender & Surrender


Bpitch Control


Sasha FunkeSascha Funke has got to be one of the best and luckiest electronic music producers and DJs working in Berlin right now. Still in his mid-20s, he has released numerous 12inchs on both Kompakt and Bpitch Control. In May, he was the first person I met when I visited the Bpitch offices. I didn't know who he really was until Benita, the promotions girl, introduced us. She told me that Sascha hangs out in a studio located directly below the Bpitch offices, dividing his time between listening to demos that get sent to the label and producing his own music. Moreover, it seems as though his favorite kind of work is DJing at the coolest clubs in Berlin. And he is a true star behind the turntables.

'When Will I Be Famous,' his fourth release on Bpitch, is his anthem. The cover art on this record is one of my favorites from this label. It simply has a white microphone in front of a light blue background. It signifies how people dream about getting in front of a microphone and becoming a celebrity. In the song, the seemingly female vocals are surprisingly Sascha's (just voice manipulated). He sings the title of the song over and over again on top of VERY addictive electro dance beats. It always makes me smile and want to dance with my friends. You must check out this song! The two instrumental b-sides are a mix of minimal electro/house/techno. For months, I would play the A-side repeatedly without bothering to flip the record. These slower songs don't have the punch or high energy of 'When Will I Be Famous,' but they are smooth tracks that are definitely worth a listen.

---Teresa Concepcion, July 23, 2002