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Gore Gore Girls


Up All Night


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Gore Gore Girlsalthough UP ALL NIGHT is a fun album, it sounds surprisingly lackluster compared to last year's effort (STRANGE GIRLS).

although the approach of taking the early 60's girl-group sound and revving it up remains the same, most of the songs here just don't have the overall energy, excitement, or enthusiasm that i heard on the 1st LP.

having said that, there are some good songs here. 'shotgun wedding', (track 5) for example, is a very short but very rockin' little number, complete with a B-movie sample intro.( there are a few of these sort of samples sprinkled throughout the cd--all of them amusing) track #7 (hot rod) and the title track (#4) also have the raunchy energy that you want to hear from this kind of band.

amazingly though, the best song on this whole CD is a hidden track!! (wait for it!)

---Pip, July 23, 2002