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Berlin 2001 compilation: E & F


Berlin 2001 compilation: E & F


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various artists 12inch

Berlin 3 compilationTim Buktu start of Side E with Yr Temporary Eternity. It is the calmest track out of any in the series. There is a New Order / OMD feel to this instrumental.

Woah! - my fave rave of the Berlin 2001 scene is up now: Smash TV. Their cut Body Rock reminds me of Edgar Winter Frankenstein for 2002. Curiously it is not one of my favorite Smash TV cuts. Body Rock is an instrumental with vibrato synth on top - a sound that is just not my bag.

The F Side starts off with Sascha Funke. Pinball Dreams has a sound like pinball strikers hitting rhythmically. I would think it was meant to be a typewriter if the title of the track didn't guide my expectations. Pinball Dreams is a pleasing cut with a background music feel.

My favorite track on this 12' is clearly Mia's Factorycity-Electropunkrmx. With a guitar riff very similar to The Clash London Calling this song becomes a burner right off. The female vocal is sung with a strange voice. It reminds me of The Scorpions, I think. Factorycity-Electropunkrmx is a very clever track which combines rock and electronic, radically new with comforting old (The Clash, The Scorpions). Who is this Mia and where can I hear more from her?

---Carl, February 19, 2002