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Berlin 2001 compilation: C & D


Berlin 2001 compilation: C & D


Bpitch Control

various artists 12inch

Berlin 2 compilationWhite Dolemite start off this 12inch with Nice Acid (2001). It is a good track with a nice electricity sound and a few vocal samples thrown in. I like the way the cut is put together.

Mark Verbos Step In is a male vocal electropop cut with a snappy pace kind of like what people used to call 'motorik' when writing about Stereolab. But the vocals are a lot darker than Stereolab.

Mitte Karaoke's TickTakTakTik is my favorite cut on this volume. Its sound is descended from Trio's Da Da Da and the world of Andreas Dorau. In other words, it is a playful cut that uses technology but has warmth: the machine is smiling.

Kiki closes out the D-side with Personality. Like the 4 cuts on his Hott! 12inch the vocal reminds me of Frank Zappa.

It is funny that the 2 vocal electropop tracks on this 12' are not my favorites (I would have expected them to be). All four tracks are catchy, but I like White Dolemite and Mitte Karaoke best for their daring and inventiveness.

---Carl, February 19, 2002