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Berlin 2001 compilation: A & B


Berlin 2001 compilation: A & B


Bpitch Control

various artists 12inch

Berlin 1 compilationSimply for presenting the Ellen Allien cut Sweet, I am in love with this 12'.

'Sweet, salty: you are my body shake maker' says the lyric, over a beat that is only slightly removed from The Normal Warm Leatherette. This is a vocal song with teeth and a solid bite. Very sexy.

Ellen Allien runs Bpitch Control. She has a CD, two 12's and the mix CD Flieg Mit Ellen Allien released under her own name.

Trike's song Topless shares the A-side with Sweet. It is an instrumental and does not leave a lasting impression on me.

On the flip Martini Bros. have Dance Like It Is OK, a vocal track that sticks in your head easily.

Dash end the 12' with Thanks Gabriel. It is a very techno instrumental that has cool sounds, kind of like stuff on the Shitkatapult label.

---Carl, February 19, 2002