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The Go! Team




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The Go Team CD5 coverLadyflash is a single form The Go! Team's Thunder, Lightning, Strike full length.

The name Go! Team sounds like it might belong to a driving rock band with a touch of hardcore. In reality, The Go! Team have the same type of sophistication as Noonday Underground, though I like The Go! Team even better.

This Brighton based six piece band play live instruments buy also use samples. They have 2 girl drummers, and 3 indie guitarists with post-rock backgrounds. they have a female vocalist named Ninja with a hip-hop background. Their sound has a warmth that combines elements that don't seem like they would belong together: can you picture Fanny Pack mixed with Birdie?

The BBC describes Go! Team as combining "cut ‘n’ paste hip-hop, melodic 60s-themed cinerama, discordant white noise and funk-flecked electro" and I can't disagree [quote excerpted from here].

On the band's website is a video for Ladyflash. It is shot in super 8 and includes random icon images (signs, box labels, etc.), the band playing, and a double dutch match. The double dutch shots are well chosen for this band. Like The Go! Team the jumprope players are energetic, in synchronization, and having FUN. I love this single and can easily advise you to seek it out.

---Carl, January 11, 2005