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The Projects


Let's Get Static


The Track And Field Organisation


The Projects CD coverThe Projects debut album has a lively feel and interesting sound. This London band have songs that recall moments of Magazine, OMD, later period Wire, and, of course, Stereolab. But they have a younger, more vital sound, like labelmates Kicker had, or perhaps even like the late 90s phenomena Prolapse.

Lets Get Static was recorded by Saloon members Amanda Gomez and Adam Cresswell . Saloon broke up in 2003, but their sound is very much alive in The Projects. Saloon keyboard player Amanda even plays with the band live sometimes, and played keyboards on Accidents Will Happen on this record. Both bands are 5 piece units that sound like they began life as Stereolab fans.

The Projects have male and female vocalists. The male vocalist gives the band its Prolapse sound, and Lisa Rosendahl ( the female vocalist) sings like the vocalist of Pram. In fact, Lisa is from Sweden and previously sang for Miss Mend, who put out several singles that also sounded very much like Stereolab.

Runner Up starts off the CD racing. It is a fast track that will make almost anyone like The Projects.

If There Are More Of Us starts with a bass part that reminds me of Bunker Soldiers by OMD and also Motorcade by Magazine - in other words the bassist has great licks!

The Empty Hours has vocals that will remind you of Stereolab, or of Lisa's previous band Miss Mend. Same with Accidents Will Happen.

No Revolutions has dueling male and female vocals in a Prolapse styled manner. The Street Under The High Street reminds me a lot of Prolapse, except for the whistling part! Only the male vocalist sings on this track.

Ulysses In The Supermarket has more driving bass licks, this time reminding me of early Joy Division. Happy Endings ends with a jam/buildup like th' Faith Healers used to do in live shows.

Even though this LP clocks in at less than 36 minutes, there are lots of good tracks and I do recommend that you seek it out.

---Carl, January 11, 2005