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Trapez Selection 1


Trapez Selection 1


Trapez Records

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Trapez Selection 1 CD coverThe Trapez label is a Cologne based offshoot label of Traum run by Triple R (aka Riley Reinhold) and Jacqueline Klein. Selection 1 was the first cd released by Trapez at the end of 2002 (followed up by Triple R - Selection 2 in early 2004).

The Trapez label is best known for Psychometry released by Akufen (aka Marc Leclair, who also has releases on Perlon, Traum, Trapez, and Force Inc., amongst others) but there is no Akufen to be found on this compilation (you will have to check out Triple R - Selection 2 for Akufen). Rather, Selection 1 does a fine job of of spotlighting the underground Moscow electronic music scene by including tracks by Lazyfish, Yura Moorush, and a handful of Anton Kubikov's projects including SCSI-9, Snooker Boy and Multipliar.

Lazyfish (Alexander Potekhin) starts out the compilation with the computerized vocal track Falling. Lazyfish has appeared on the [Komfort.Labor] Presents Native Lab compilation on WMF Records and has some cds out on K2 O Records and Art-Tek and haas releases on Kanzleramt and Trapez. Here we get some minimal dub with a subtle computer vocal which start things out quite strongly.

Anton Kubikov has a lot to offer on this compilation, including his work as SCSI-9 (Anton Kubikov & Maxim Milyutenko), Snooker Boy, and Multipliar (Anton Kubikov & Ill Doggy). The Multipliar track Deep Service is buried at the end of the compilation, but was one of my favorites thanks to the shapeshifter like rhythm.

Anton Kubikov is also featured on the Yura Moorush track Kudato. Yura Moorush is another Russian artist best known for his work behind the scenes for Art-Tek, with a few singles out on Trapez and Force Tracks. Kudato is another highlight thanks to the Russian vocals.

---Patrick, January 11, 2005