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[komfort.labor] presents Native Lab


[komfort.labor] presents Native Lab


WMF Records

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Native LabWMF Records is one of my favorite labels. WMF is an electronic music club in Berlin which has been putting on outstanding live events for years. When they started a record label a few years ago they did it with style. WMF's first release (the compilation Nighteffect) is still a record I enjoy.

Native Lab is the sixth release on WMF Records, and is the latest in their [komfort.labor] series. Native Lab features artists who us a piece of Native Instruments software, Reaktor. Reaktor is 'a modular audio software which provides an environment for creating custom sound machines and compositional systems for live and studio work.' In addition to the 13 tracks on the CD is a user-responsive track by Lazyfish, called 'Mewark-Stoderatt.' The track is not created until you open it on your computer. You give the track individual form and structure by manipulating it graphically. Sadly, I could not get the program to work on either of my computers.

The music tracks on the CD feature heavy names from the world of electronic music. The artists on Native Lab are Kid 606, Jake Mandrell (I like his track), Richard Devine, Errorsmith (my fave track), F.X. Randomize, Rob Acid, Solar X (another fave), Kent, Vladislav Delay, Siegmar Kreie, Mike Dred, Nitrada vs. Vger, Vert, and Lazyfish. The Rob Acid song 'A Day In My Life' has the type of bit-hop sound the Mille Plateaux 'Electric Ladyland' compilation features.

Jake Mandrell's song 'Broccoli Crisis' has a deliberate clock like feel to it. It is not a warm sound, but it sticks with you after you hear it a few times. Errorsmith's 'Free For All (Breaks Version)' has the coolest sounds on the whole disc. There is a sound that feels like it is moving by you with a doppler effect frequency shift. Along with the lack of a steady beat the track is a bit disorientating, but in a good way.

Solar X is an artist from Russia. His track 'Marmilad Sticker' may be the easiest track to get behind on the whole disc. There are treated snippets of voices, a sound like car racing, and many other odds and ends.

The Kent song 'Unsigned Char' takes what sounds like an 80's TV show detective theme and piles up digitally sequenced percussion on top of it is a way that reminds me of the sound of water bubbling out of a pipe.

The Nitrada vs. Vger track '(Sky Was Blue)pow' is very busy. It has a sound like high-pitched dog begging, or a steam kettle whistling.

This CD is not electro or tech-house, like many of WMF's other records are. I's not sure exactly HOW I would describe the general sound of this disc. It is not exactly my style of listening. I prefer other WMF CDs to this disc, though I like this disc as well.

---Carl, May 28, 2002