gullbuy music review

May 28, 2002

  • Electrelane

    title:: I Want To Be The President EP
    label:: Let's Rock! Records

    This English female 4-piece has always had a gentle, yet abstract pop sound that I've been able to appreciate more after multiple listens.

    The songs on this EP seem very conceptual; the different textures create visual sounds that are full of emotion. They were all co-produced by Mute's Echoboy.

  • Hefner

    title:: The Hefner Brain
    label:: Too Pure

    After their previous album 'We Love the City' left me underwhelmed, I was in no great hurry to hear 'Dead Media' when it came out last fall. My mistake; my *BIG* mistake.

    Hefner have given themselves a complete makeover -- reinventing themselves as an electronic band -- while simultaneously managing (somehow) to not really change all that much.

  • Kent

    title:: Vapen & Ammunition
    label:: RCA Holland

    Vapen & Ammunition is the fifth album of new material released by Kent and it is a well-crafted example of a group reaching the pinnacle of a sound that it has become known for.

    Vapen & Ammunition focuses on a beautiful melodic sound which is really what Kent does best.

  • [komfort.labor] presents Native Lab

    various artists
    label:: WMF Records

    Native Lab is the sixth release on WMF Records, and is the latest in their [komfort.labor] series. Native Lab features artists who us a piece of the Native Lab companies' software, Reaktor.

    Reaktor is a modular audio software which provides an environment for creating custom sound machines and compositional systems for live and studio work.

  • Rocket From The Tombs

    title:: The Day The Earth Met the...
    label:: Glitterhouse Records

    I've been known to scoff at those who wax nostalgic over some bygone golden age of rock, but I am honestly moved by the energy and, at the risk of cutting it down to some relic rather than something that can and should be thoroughly enjoyed today, the history, of this band and this album.