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I Want To Be The President EP


Let's Rock


ElectralaneOne year after their debut album 'Rock It To the Moon' came out in England, Electrelane has released a brand new 3-track EP on their label, Let's Rock! This English female 4-piece has always had a gentle, yet abstract pop sound that I've been able to appreciate more after multiple listens. The songs on this EP seem very conceptual; the different textures create 'visual' sounds that are full of emotion. They were all co-produced by Mute's Echoboy.

Like Broadcast, Electrelane often mixes soothing vocals with soft melodies. My favorite on this EP is the second track, 'I Only Always Think.' There are hardly any vocals except for some echoed 'ahhs.' The guitar melodies are gorgeous. It starts off rather despondent and melancholy, but I can picture it as something nice to listen to when daydreaming and reflecting.

The third song on this CD, 'I've Been Your Fan Since Yesterday' has gorgeous, angelic vocal harmonies that are stronger than on the title track. It is enhanced by a quiet piano melody and haunting background vocals. At 1 minute and 40 seconds, the song surprisingly picks up and a lovely guitar melody kicks in.

Electrelane is scheduled to perform support slots for Primal Scream and Fugazi in England next month and will be in the United States this fall to record a sophomore album with legendary producer Steve Albini. Considering Albini's impressive list of previous collaborators (The Pixies, The Auteurs, PJ Harvey, among others), I'm sure Electrelane will create a great sophomore album that continues to showcase their talent of creating great, soothing pop music.

---Teresa Concepcion, May 28, 2002