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Sascha Funke




Bpitch Control


Sascha Funke 12inch sleeveSascha Funke still does not have a full length record, yet he has entered the consciousness of many record lovers through his many 12inch and compilation appearances.

When I first heard him in 2001 on an early Bpitch Control 12inch, I passed on buying the single. His sound was too 'techno' for me. Now it is 2003 and Sascha's minimal tech-house sound is easy to digest.

Funkt is his latest three song single. The single starts off with Now You Know. Running at 45 rpm, Now You Know immediately reminds me of Echo & the Bunnymen's Broke My Neck, with Will Sergeant's guitar sound. If you know that song you will agree! But here the sound is produced electronically, instead of by turning the volume knob of a guitar as each note is played. A perky synth part comes in, and an infrequent phrase or two of female vocal wafts in and out. There is a chiming guitar-like accent that caps off the sound. The song ends with the only appearance of vocal by Sascha: "Now you know what I've been through, Now you know what I could give to you." Now You Know is a very pleasant track that is not aggressive or challenging - high tech music for the home.

The B-side spins at 33 rpm and has two instrumentals. Nordseite reminds me of a cross between INXS New Sensation and Closer Musik You Don't Know Me (maybe he knows this too, and it has something to do with the title of the A-side?).

The second track is Schussbein Nocke. It has the 4/4 beat and is led by a 5 note synth part that repeats till it sticks in your head.

Sascha Funke will keep good company with artists such as Antonelli Electr and Borneo & Sporenburg in your record collection. Like many other folks, I can't wait to hear what he does with the space of a full length. I hope he does not just release a disc collecting all his vinyl only tracks (though I sure would like that as a second bonus disc!).

Another strong release from Bpitch Control.

---Carl, April 1, 2003