gullbuy music review

Febraury 25, 2003

  • Chainstore Massacre

    various artists
    label:: On U Sound

    Chainstore Massacre is a 15 song compilation that includes first tastes of some albums that have just been released.

    As all the On U Sound releases are very inexpensive, I think that this disc is a worthy buy, especially if you are a fan of even one of the artists who appear on the disc.

  • DJ Hell

    title:: This is for You remixed
    label:: Disko B

    A treat from 1999 that MUST be on the shopping list for all fans of DJ Hell or Chicks On Speed. This Is For You is a monster song with distinctive vocals by Melissa of Chicks On Speed.

    All three mixes are great. If I only heard one of them without the others I would think it was the finest. Hearing all three together I like the original mix the best. Find this 12inch if you can. You will be glad.

  • Lali Puna / Isan

    title:: split single
    label:: Unhip Records

    The second release on Bologna Italy label Unhip Records is a split single between Germany's Lali Puna and England's Isan.

    Both songs are exclusive to this release, and both tracks will please fans of the respective fans. In other words - find this single if you can!

  • Ethel Merman

    title:: The Ethel Merman Disco Album
    label:: Varese Sarabande

    Ethel takes her old hits from her own super stardom day- perennial classics- and puts the saucy disco diva touch to them.

    This is the first time this lost disco platter has been released on cd. Varese Sarabande also were able to dig out an unreleased track to add to the 7 original cuts.

  • Minny Pops

    title:: Sparks in a Dark Room
    label:: LTM

    The Minny Pops were a pioneering Dutch group in the late 70's/early 80s on the Factory Records subsidiary label Factory Benelux.

    The Minny Pops were right in league with Joy Division, The Normal and Cabaret Voltaire. Sparks in a Dark Room is another uniquely electronic album to add to the canon of great music being offered up from the early 80s.

  • Minny Pops

    title:: Secret Stories
    label:: LTM

    Secret Stories collects singles and odds and ends not found on the Sparks in a Dark Room cd.

    There is a more diverse sound to Secret Stories - also a more harsh dissonance, especially on the tracks taken from the early singles from 1981 and 1982.

  • The Sympathetic Sounds of Toe-Rag Vol. 1

    various artists
    label:: Sympathy For The Record Industry

    Toe-Rag is a place for those who loved Pete Best almost as much as the Beatles (or more than); for those of us who wish Thee Milkshakes never broke up; or that the years had stopped in 1965.

    Sympathetic Sounds of Toe-Rag spotlights 14 tracks recorded by Liam Watson (ex-bass player from The Armitage Shanks) on vintage equipment that would startle the most pig-headed 1960s aficionado.