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Lali Puna / Isan


split single


Unhip Records


Lali Puna / Isan split singleThe second release on Bologna Italy label Unhip Records is a split single between Germany's Lali Puna and England's Isan. This single follows the split single between Tarwater and Yuppie Flu that Unhip debuted with. Both songs are exclusive to this release, and both tracks will please fans of the respective fans. In other words - find this single if you can!

Isan are Robin Saville and Antony Ryan. Little Boy Sitting Up In Bed Looking At The Moon is a peaceful track with an organic sound. There is a female voice talking underneath the mix. It sounds like she is reading from a book entitled 'Little boy sitting up in bed looking at the moon.' The buried nature of the reading has the effect of drawing your ear into the track. The song does not really have any structure. It starts with the music, runs through with no changes, then ends. There is a floating synth that weaves around the buried voice snippets, but the overall effect is somnambulant. It feels like we are peeking in to a child's room as they fall asleep to someone reading them a book.

Lali Puna are Markus Acher and Valerie Trebeljahr. Common Ground is a real treat. The song starts with the crackling of an old record. Valerie's voice kicks right in with a reading of an appointment book or a diary. It sounds like the song is about her struggle to find 'common ground' with her family. The deadpan talking voice and the relaxing music give Common Ground the same calming feel as Isan's track. Why I like this song so much is that it makes a statement. The reading could be straight out of a journal, or it could be a poem. Whatever it is, the idea of trying to fit in and feeling like an outsider is communicated. The song ends with her repeating the word "family."

This single is worth the effort you will spend in locating it.

---Carl, Febraury 25, 2003