gullbuy music review

June 21, 2005


various artists
label:: Bpitch Control

Camping is Bpitch Control's 100th release, as well as a BPC tour commemorative. Most music on it was released between 2002 and 2004.

What holds this compilation back for me is how tiring it gets. I can't tell one band from the other. It all seems like electronic tricks and chicanery. I need a parka! This music leaves me cold. I find enjoying it hard, listening to one track after the other.

England's Glory

title:: The First and Last
label:: Deisel Motor Records

England's Glory was Peter Perrett's band in 1973, before he formed The Only Ones. All they ever released was a self-financed LP that they put out 40 copies of themselves.

The First And Last compiles two tapes that have never been heard till now.

Sergio Mendes

title:: The Swinger From Rio. Favourites
label:: Wrasse Records

The 24 songs on this 73 minute disc bridge all periods of this man's awesome career.

Truly, there are few records appearing in the gullbuy that are more worthy of your hard earned cash and precious time.

Sophie Rimheden

title:: HiFi
label:: Mitek

Sophie Rimheden is one of the more striking Swedish artists to come around in recent years. She started in the late 90s with a band called Hayce and has since released two albums.

Sophie Rimheden is interesting because she uses her voice like an instrument, often putting it through a vocoder and manipulating it beyond recognition.

Sophie Rimheden

title:: H2-Fi
label:: Mitek

Sophie Rimheden gets the remix treatment on H2-Fi - Hi-Fi Remixes, the companion to her Hi-Fi album which came out in 2003.

Remix artists are Hakan Lidbo, Mikael Stavöstrand, Son of Clay, Hundarna Frän Söder, Static, Fenin, Pavan, Folie, Puss, Johan Skugge, Dwayne Sodahberk, and Sam Miller (some of whom are Swedish like Sophie).

Superpitcher - Today

various artists
label:: Kompakt

Nothing is really standing out on this CD. All that is here has a background application but it isn't really music. It is too slick and structured to be experimental. It is listenable but pushes it in its redundancy.

I could listen to this programming software, driving at night (don't fall asleep!), or lying around my cold edged, city loft with its modern furnishings, stainless steel appliances, stone counter tops, as my supermodel girlfriend sits bored as I surf the web.