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Circuit Breaker Love


Rip Off Records


Kill-A-Watts CD coverKill-A-Watts are a three piece punk rock band from Wisconsin. Circuit Breaker Love is their second record, following up the 2002 Electrorock LP and a bunch of 7inch and split single appearances.

The band is comprised of Ryan on lead guitar, Melissa on bass and Mechadrum on drums (natch). Ryan sings most of the songs, but all members sing duel and background vocals.

Though the whole record clocks in at just under 22 minutes, the thirteen songs are good and the length feels just right.

Kill-A-Watts play it fast, with lots of intricate changes that must take a lot of practicing - this band is tight! The guitar sounds s a bit like Greg Ginn in early Black Flag. The songs are as fast as Minor Threat or any of the early 80s Mystic Records bands.

Melissa sings Had Enough and Transform-Her.

I've had enough of work
I've had enough of jerks
I've had enough of YOU

My favorite songs are Had Enough and F*ckin' Guitar Shake, both of which can't be played on the air due to current FCC regulations about curses, though FCC types probably couldn't make out any of the lyrics anyway. I love F*ckin' Guitar Shake with the stutter vocal that makes your neck jerk.

Of the 'clean' songs, Paranoid Baby is my fave, because it has those wild changes perfectly executed by the band. If I lived in the Midwest my fave would be Can't Stand the Midwest, which would make you drive a hundred miles an hour in a car, it is so anthemic.

This is an excellent CD of modern punk without fashion, metal, or posturing.

---Carl, April 26, 2005