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April 26, 2005

The 23rd Turnoff

title:: The Dream of Michaelangelo
label:: RPM

The Dreams of Michaelangelo on RPM is the story behind their Michaelangelo single which was released on the Deram label in 1967, and their earlier merseybeat side from the mid-60s when the group was known as The Kirkbys.

Not only is this is a collector's treasure trove of lost 60s sides, it's also another missing connection between the UK psychedelic pop of the late 1960s from The Beatles, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd and more modern UK music from bands like Broadcast.


title:: Anniemal
label:: 679 Recordings

Ann Berge-Strand has been recording in Norway as Annie since 1999, when the Greatest Hit 12inch was released. The song has appeared on many compilations since.

Anniemal is fer first full length. I really like this record. If you wanted to be cynical you could say it is a poor man's Saint Etienne, or an update of Dot Allison, but if you keep on listening, you will come to love these tracks without comparisons or baggage.


title:: NY Muscle
label:: International DeeJay Gigolo Records

NY Muscle by Hell was originally released on Motor Music in late 2003 and has now been reissued on Hell's own International DeeJay Gigolo Records label with an added bonus track and a video for the single Keep on Waiting.

While this album was recorded in NYC, it still retains a heavily Germanic feel to it - thanks to Hell's mix of techno and industrial sounds.


title:: Circuit Breaker Love
label:: Rip Off Records

Kill-A-Watts are a three piece punk rock band from Wisconsin.

Circuit Breaker Love is their second record, following up the 2002 Electrorock LP and a bunch of 7inch and split single appearances.