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October 11, 2005

Adjunct volume one

various artists
label:: Kompakt

Adjunct Volume One is the first release in a series of releases on the new Adjunct label, distributed by Kompakt.

Collected here are four tracks from Pheek from Montreal, California-based John Tejada, Bruno Pronsato , and [a]pendics.shuffle (aka Kenneth James Gibson - half of Adjunct).


title:: Maggot Brain
label:: Westbound / Ace

The final album recorded with the original lineup, Funkadelic's Maggot Brain was the classic masterpiece that their first two albums tried to be but didn't quite make.

Everything jelled perfectly on Maggot Brain, their 3rd album released in 1971 which has been remastered and reissued on the UK label Ace Records.


title:: Mein Block
label:: Musick

Holz is the techno project of René Finken, a relatively new artist. He also has an ambient music project called Renniac ,

The Holz debut 12 inch single Mein Block is a super strong effort filled with four impressive and varied tracks.


title:: Zone Day
label:: Bpitch Control

MFA is London duo Alastair Douglas and Rhys Evans. Zone Day is their first release on Ellen Allien's Bpitch Control label.

The three tracks cover various elements of early 80s sound such as Acid House, Blue Monday era New Order, and OMD, but all of it is made modern by The MFA.


title:: Trick or Treat
label:: Bpitch Control

Phon.o is Carsten Aermes. The original versions of both tracks are taken from the Burn Down the Town full length.

Trick or Treat has vocals by Kristen Erickson (aka Kevin Blechdom). Busted in DA D is a ghetto-tech track with DJ Assault styled vocals by MC Stadik 006 of Numbskullz/Guinea Pig Products.

Speicher 30- Tricky Disco / GTO

title:: Tricky Disco b-w Pure (Energy)
label:: Kompakt

The 30th release in Kompakt's Speicher series gives us two tracks that have not been available for some time. The tracks appear in their original form - there is no remix treatment.

Both GTO and Tricky Disco were projects of Lee Newman & Michael Wells.