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Zone Day


Bpitch Control


The MFA 12inch coverMFA is London duo Alastair Douglas and Rhys Evans. Zone Day is their first release on Ellen Allien's Bpitch Control label.

The first song on the A-side is vocal based, with a synth sound that is part electroclash and part Acid House. The male vocals have a snarl that recals the SF punk group The Nuns.

Disco 2 Break is not a disco song. The electronic percussion and synths owed debt to Blue Monday era New Order.

Rinse Time is an instrumenal with some dialog samples well below the surface. The track is centered around a leading synthesizer line and a simple toy piano styled melody in the same way as OMD's classic track Electricity was.

On the flip side, Overhang runs deeper and longer than the other two tracks. IOt was cut at 45 RPM as opposed to side A's 33. It is the best track on the 12inch. By taking the space to breathe through an extended intro, the mood is set before the hook is even met. Where the two tracks ont he A side do their thing and end, Overhang teases and grows. Moments of Overhang have the drama of Fisherspooner's Emerge, but the galloping synth is more David Carretta than pop techno.

---Carl, October 11, 2005