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Let It All Hang Out! Volume One


Let It All Hang Out! Volume One


Alopecia! Records

various artists CD

Bruce Haack and Ester Nelson CD coverAlopecia in an English surfbeat label. this is their first compilation with vocals. On it they have chosen 20 bands from "the stix" that have "been listening to more sonics, Kinks, Link Wray, Bo Diddley, etc. than is medically advisable."

The results are awesome. I did not expect to be drawn in to this record, but I really was. I have a system where I put my favorite track numbers on a post-it with a star, and this disc has 9 star tracks.

I also have a system where I never look to see which bands are which on compilations till after I have listened several times and decided which tracks I like. That allows me to listen without prejudice. In the past I would choose which tracks I thought would be best, based on the names of bands I liked, then would be surprised when my name recognition acts wouldn't hold up to music by bands I had never heard of.

Using my 'listen without looking' system, I was surprised that Thee Headcoats were not on my faves list. I was also surprised that the Dutch band The Waistcoats were not on it either. But surprise WAS the name of the game, and I received plenty of it as I enjoyed some great tunes by bands I had never heard of.

My list? Faves = 1,4,6,7,8,11,12,15,18

Special mention goes to The Jamming Arabs for writing a song to Dick Dastardly and his dog Muttley, from the 60s cartoon Wacky Racers. The vocals on their track remind me of Angry Samoans.

Really fine comp. A solid buy.

  1. The Wildebeests - One and One
    Really catchy track with tons of energy and a great Kinks style guitar riff
  2. Sir Bald Diddley and His Wig-Outs - Make With the Bake
    Sounds like the RnB classic Slow Down in the styled that The Jam covered it on their first LP.
  3. Thee Headcoats - Crazy Horse
    Lots of harmonica and distorted vocals in classic bluesrock style.
  4. The Jamming Arabs - Catch the Pigeon
    Really catchy, really fast track that is fun all around.
  5. BBK and the Rollercoaster - Monkey Man
    A bit like The Cramps Goo Goo Muck. Maybe a bit too much like...
  6. The Cybermen - The Girl You Left Behind
    Sounds like The Monochrome Set if they had been rockabilly greasers. Pretty neat!
  7. Dr. Morris and the Organ Donors - Intravenus Trip
    Savage vocals like Sky Saxon, constant cymbal wash and wild Farfisa organ like Jeff 'Monoman' Connelly in DMZ. But in the end it wasn't very distinctive.
  8. The Hot Tom Boys - Like the Devil
    The only track with female vocals. As wild as the Rip Off Records band The Spastics. Nice!
  9. The Sires - Tell it How it Is
    Sounds like '79 LA punk band Vom in vocals and music (at least until the 60s style guitar break). Another fave.
  10. The Bald Bomber One Man Band - Goin' Ape
    Sounds like straight 50s rock, especially the guitar part. Lots of energy, but not my thing. Sounds like it could have been played on the Purple Knif Show.
  11. The Green Hornets - Rendezvous
    Big strong beat, farfisa organ, and confident vocal roll this track into rock solid territory. Reminds me of the post-La Peste Peter Dayton Group from 1980 Boston.
  12. The Gloomies - No Reason to Complain
    Tremolo cranked out on the guitar amp, then that solid bass part as solid as The Cramps Human Fly, but completely original on its own. Quite fine.
  13. Count Zero & the Cosmic Noughts - Cosmic Beer Blast
    The organ is WAY up front. The song is like a football cheer put to music. Not one of my faves.
  14. The Blue Devils - Lotta Rhythm
    The vocalist sings like a banshee, the feel of the track is pure road, like Golden Earring Radar Love gone manic.
  15. The Unchayned - My Flash on You
    Reminds me of the Sound Syndicate song Hey Little Girl that Dead Boys covered. The playing is so fine - it has to be on my faves list.
  16. The Nuthins - Why Do I Love You
    Maybe my least fave track on the comp. Just not very distinctive. I hear nuthin.
  17. LPG - They Prefer Blondes
    Guitar way up front, but little else to recommend. It is more like everything else (except the vocal) is too far back, and the songwriting is generic.
  18. Shakin' Spear and the Captives - Jungle Honey
    I like the background vocals and the insane energy level throughout. The drummer is over the top and the fuzz guitar breaks are sharp. The feel is kind of like Thee Headcoats, but the vocalist has a distinctive voice and is no Billy Childish ripoff.
  19. The Magnificent Escapades - Lets Go to the Beach
    Not a bad track, just not a fave. It is what you'd think - a song to get psyched-up as you drive to the beach. No one tops B Girls Fun at the Beach for THAT though..
  20. The Waistcoats - Louie Louie
    Some people collect versions of Louie Louie - to them this will be a gem. I don't care about the song, and don't really love this track.

---Carl, July 13, 2004