gullbuy music review

July 13, 2004

Cubismo Grafico Five

title:: Cinq (Four+One)
label:: NIW! Records

Cubismo Grafico's Matsuda Gakuji has branched out from his one man project to release two other albums based around the Cubismo Grafico name.

In all three albums will be coming out this year, and they include the Cubismo Grafico Trio, the Cubismo Grafico Five, and a release under the Cubismo Grafico name as well.

Bruce Haack and Ester Nelson

title:: The Electronic Record for Children
label:: King Record Co. (Japan)

Bruce Haack's magical world of analog children's music is captured perfectly on The Electronic Record for Children originally released in 1969 and reissued in 2004 on King Records out of Japan.

The Electronic Record for Children is the perfect combination of childish melodies, analog instruments and sound effects, psychedelic vision, and playful creativity which is like if Joe Meek had tried his hand at children's music.

Let It All Hang Out! Volume One

various artists
label:: Alopecia! Records

Alopecia in an English surfbeat label. this is their first compilation with vocals. On it they have chosen 20 bands from "the stix" that have "been listening to more sonics, Kinks, Link Wray, Bo Diddley, etc. than is medically advisable."

Really fine comp. A solid buy.

The Shadows of Knight

title:: Gloria
label:: Sundazed Records

The Shadows of Knight are best known for having the US top 10 hit version of Them's Gloria in 1966, after signing with the Chicago based label Dunwich.

The Shadows of Knight's first album does not mine the experimental or bubblegum sounds they would investigate on later releases (on songs like Shake and My Fire Department Needs a Fireman), but Sundazed have definitely made it an album worth a listen.

Triste Janero

title:: Meet Triste Janero
label:: Rev-Ola

Triste Janero is a little known group who appeared briefly in Dallas, Texas in the late 1960s who released one highly sought after lp and then disappeared.

Released in 1969, Meet Triste Janero is a delightful bossa easy pop album, vastly overlooked and highly sought after for many years, which Rev-Ola has seen fit to reissue in 2004.