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Locked In to Surf Part 2 & Rock n' Roll Instrumentals


Locked In to Surf Part 2 & Rock n' Roll Instrumentals


Alopecia! Records

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Locked In to Surf Part 2 CD coverSubtitled '25 More Boss Blasts From the World's Finest New Instrumental Talent', Locked In to Surf & Rock n' Roll Instrumentals Part 2 is a compilation of modern bands that play trash-rock surf tracks, kind of like the St. Petersburg band Messer Chups.

This compilation is going to really please surf fans. Every band is slightly over-the-top, and all have their own take on the genre, so the overall comp does not suffer from sameness.

These bands are from all over the world, making this comp an ideal launch point for further investigation. If you know some of the bands, you will find like-minded bands you have never heard of that may become your new faves.

The sound is super trebly. If you have a boss subwoofer on your system, these tracks will barely push the cone on that speaker, but your midrange will be dancing while tweeters crank out pointy noise!

Nothing to complain about - 59 minutes of driving tracks without any deadbeats. This must be a reissue, because the date on the tray card says 1996.

My faves: 2,6,10,12,16,17,25

---Carl, July 27, 2004