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Kitsuné Midnight


Kitsuné Midnight



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Kitsune Midnight CD coverThis record came with high expectations after the strong Kitsune Love comp.

The song I expected to like best is not one of my faves at all (Black Strobe), and an artist I had never heard (Freeform Five) became the favorite I never anticipated, evan causing me to buy their mix of the 1979 Elton John disco classic Are You Ready For Love on Southern Fried records.

The single from the record is a one-sided 12inch of the Man With Guitar track Man With Guitar. The label does not say who the artist is. apparently it is a big name artist who could not be identified for legal reasons, but the track is not any favorite of mine. It is a dance instrumental that would work well on a floor, but loses effect in you car or home.

This comp re-introduced me to the Australian band Cut Copy, who I forgot about after reviewing them in the gullbuy three years ago on the Rex Records 10inch sampler More Fish Out Of Water.

Since the re-discovery I have been enjoying Cut Copy's new full length Bright Like Neon Love on Modular - the same label that brought us The Avalanches. Cut Copy sound kind of like Ministry on the With Sympathy record, with touches of Metro Area, New Order, or Playgroup.

Speaking of New Order, The Whitest Boy Alive track Inflation has vocals right out of the New Order songbook. I will bet that this band is a new project of Märtini Brös, as the sound is SO similar. Its a pretty good song too.

The Zongamin track is quite incredible. Hotel 17 is a new track not on his self-titled full length on XL. It has that fat bass of classic Jah Wobble or Playgroup. The track has a dub reggae feel, a post-punk feel and a disco feel all in one.

I enjoyed the Julien Jabre comp The Disco-Tech of Julien Jabre on Yellow records. His track Falling for Grace has a dub reggae meets sophisto chill-out sound. I like it and enjoy this instrumental track.

The Colder track Fade Away is new - not from his Again record. It is a slow vocal track that his fans will probably enjoy.

This compilation is almost exactly like its predecessor: the comp sounds pretty good in writing, but is not really that crucial when hearing. My favorite track is surely the one by Freeform Five. My second fave is Zongamin.

---Carl, June 8, 2004